Team Raven Shoe – Mongol Rally 2014

team raven shoe-1

Emblems produced specially for Team Raven Shoe.  They taking a part in the 2014 Mongol Rally, raising money for Cool Earth and Legacy Australia. We made their logo embroidered. Our products will support them during the Mongol Rally 2014. The shows the logo of the team. The raven wearing red shoes inside placed on the white ...

High Hat Entertainment patches

high hat entertainment patches

Custom patches produced for High Hat Entertainment are almost ready. They will be dispatched to Louisville, KY on Wednesday. Those square items are black background and black overlook border emblems with the logo of High Hat Entertainment embroidered on using white and red threads.  Dimension 10cm x 10cm .

Lady Rider patches

Another cool custom biker embroidered patches produced here at . Those Lady Rider badges are custom shape with a black hot cut border. The red rose and "Lady Rider" words are embroidered at black fabric. This type of material is water resistant and safe for rubbing. Those advantages make it suitable for all lady ...

Medstead Dragons Emblems


We have produced some patches for Medstead Dragons. They are quite small but we managed to keep the small details of letters. Also small parts of dragon are still visible at the patch. Round white fabric background embroidered emblems with a black dragon inside and black lettering around. The patch has merrow border.

Triumph patches


Triumph Motorcycles Limited is a company located in Hinckley, United Kingdom, well know manufacturer of motorcycles. The origins of the company date back to the year 1886 when Siegfried Bettmann founded the company. First, bicycles and motorcycles were produced. Motorcycles produced in UK were used by the British Army during the First World War. In ...

ASG emblems


New patches for Airsoft Team in our Military Patches collection.  It is a perfect and clear example Airsoft Emblem.  The patch is divided into two parts:  The top has an embroidered inscription "airsoft" and the lower part is an shield shape element. Gun with three lightning. As you can see, they are available in two ...

KTM & Red Bull patches

red bull ktm small patch

We have produced a bunch of emblems showing KTM and Red Bull logo on it. Those custom embroidered patches were produce specially for the large event sponsored by KTM and Red Bull. Both of them are black merrow border.  Those patches were available in two different sizes.  It was a big size back patch and the smaller ...