How to choose Personalized Patches for Hunters?

How to choose Personalized Patches for Hunters?

wild board hunter - custom shaped embroidered item from hqpatchesExpect patches that are of true craftsmanship and artistry at Feel bold and proud when wearing our HQpatches on your jacket or shirt sleeve. And when it comes to hunters, we sell top-quality embroidered patches of all shapes and sizes to meet their needs.

What types of material or fabric should be used with our HQpatches?

We suggest that you choose standard fabric as the material for attaching our patches instead of a material like felt. The downside to attaching a patch to a material like felt is that felt can cause pilling — also known as knotting — of material. Indeed, pilling can annoy hunters when they are out in the woods, which is a downside because it is a distraction.
The good news is that hunters can feel much more comfortable with our HQpatches. Sew our beautiful looking patches into materials that are not made of felt, to save yourself the hassle of NOT having to redo your patchwork due to pilling.

Why are cotton threads better than other threading material?

Consider cotton threads over other threading material when attaching your hunter’s patch to a favorite piece of clothing. Consider matte over a shiny polyester thread when attaching your patch to a hunter’s jacket. When considering the threading detail around the emblem, make sure that your badge has a very heavy (merrow) border. A thick border sewn around your hunter’s patch will help with durability.
Hunters may also find velcro to be an excellent material to use. Indeed, velcro is easy to attach to an article of clothing. Hunters will find that velcro is the perfect solution based on its durability and strength.

gunold cotty advantages sheet
Here at HqPatches we suggest to use 100% Egyptian Cotton threads from Gunold called Cotty with many different colors available.

Why do customers like our patches?

There are many reasons why people love to buy our HQpatches. For one, our patches are durable and have deep, beautiful colors. Our patches are long-lasting, which means you can expect minimal wear and tear.
Military personnel, hunters, bikers, martial artists, musicians, and many others, love our patches for their quality and durability. When it comes to the embroidery of our products, expect a professional look.
Indeed, our patches can be customized or personalized to fit you or your organization’s needs. Whether your patches are attached to the back of a jean-jacket or on a coat sleeve, expect our colorful patches to turn heads.

How do hunters order their patches?

Fill up quotation form and get top quality products within 2 weeks.

Hunters can order one of our bold, beautiful and colorful custom embroidered patches at At HQpatches, we take pride in knowing that our customers — especially hunters — love our embroidered patches. And we sell patches that can be personalized as well. Consider buying an quality embroidered hunter’s patch today!

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