US Coast Guard Station New York

US Coast Guard Station New York

This beautiful, fantastic patch features the drawing of the New York coastline, including Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty and a US Coastguard boat, and the legend “US Coast Guard Station New York – Liberty Maritime Guardian”, referencing the US Coast guards, particularly the subdivision of New York. The coast guards are an assembly of American maritime first responders and they are tasked during peacetime with guarding the coastline, ensuring no laws get broken in the sea, protecting the marine environment and those that are at sea, protecting the US ports, and performing search and rescue missions for those that get lost at sea or stranded in American shores and cliffs; and in times of conflict or war or at the President’s request, they work as part of the Navy, defending American coastlines against terrorism or foreign threats.

This incredible patch features an amazing design, full of many different colors: from the blue sky to the grey of the Statue of Liberty, to the golden braid encircling both the image and the legend. Both the materials and the stitching are incredibly high quality and top-notch, and you will see how much effort and care was put into creating it if you focus a the details: you can even see a little flag and identification numbering the side of the ship, and the Statue of Liberty has a slight orange fire, and all the little details of the coastline of New York have been recreated. Also, the small lettering embroidered with high precision provides the top quality final result. This lovely patch and its incredible details exude love for the USA.

This embroidered patch will, of course, look lovely in the uniform of an US Coast Guard of the New York division, but it will look just as good in the jacket or pants of a fan of this public service that wants to display their love and appreciation for their sacrifice.

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